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The United States of America (10.2.2004)
Montreal Expos Now Only History
No word yet on what they'll be called when they move to DC

Weather and Natural Disasters (10.2.2004)
Cruise Ship Loses All Four Engines
Just as it got in the way of Hurricane Karl

Business and Finance (10.2.2004)
Lotteries are a Tax on the Stupid
Woman too poor to own a car and "struggling to feed" her four children was wasting money on lottery tickets. That she won is nothing more than ridiculously good fortune. All that stories like this one do is reinforce a preposterous superstition in bad math. If she really had trouble paying for the food her children needed to live, it was child abuse to waste money on lottery tickets.

Socialism Doesn't Work: Never Has, Never Will (10.2.2004)
Health Emergency? Don't Become a Canadian
Waits of up to 72 weeks for an MRI...in Ottawa, the nation's capital! National single-payer health care never sounded so...

News (10.2.2004)
US DoJ Wants Phone Records from the NYT
Justice wants to know if government officials gave Times reporters tips they shouldn't have. The Times cries foul. Meantime, a British newspaper may have prevented a terrorist attack by reporting their suspicions to police. And a UN group thinks terrorists want to hit shipping facilities soon.

Business and Finance (10.2.2004)
Superhighway Planned to Link Moscow, Warsaw, Berlin
Locals are worried it will destroy forests around Poland's largest city

Threats to Western Civilization (10.2.2004)
Russia Doesn't Want UN Security Council to Bother Iran
Russia is helping Iran build its first nuclear reactor and says the IAEA should continue to oversee the Iranian nuclear program. The State Department still thinks Iran is up to no nuclear good.

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