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Socialism Doesn't Work: Never Has, Never Will (10.3.2004)
Castro Cutting Cuba's Schedules by Half-Day
Straight from Cuba's official news agency:
The leader commented on some of these [energy-cutting measures], focusing on a daily half-hour reduction in school and work schedules beginning the end of October. These will not affect salaries of the working population however.

He underscored the temporary character of the measures and assured that everything will return to normal as soon as the nation improves its electricity generating capacity.

During the analysis, the leader of the Cuban Revolution stressed that a close monitoring of electricity generating operations was essential. He then added that everything necessary will be done, always with a full explanation provided to the people whose understanding he considered crucial.
If someone can offer a more incredible example of socialist thinking, please show it now. Cutting schedules, but not changing salaries? Only explaining the story to "crucial" people? Every drift toward more socialism is a drift toward Cuba's kind of world. Even China gets that it can't be that way.

Weather and Natural Disasters (10.3.2004)
Mount St. Helens Isn't Done Yet
A new eruption is "imminent"

Election 2004 (10.3.2004)
Where the Parties Are
Maps of campaign contributions illustrate support (and depth of support) for Republicans and Democrats (link from Agoraphilia). Of course, the point is often lost that those who pay the bills are often not the ones who have the political power.

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