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Computers and the Internet (10.7.2004)
Go Update Firefox
New security issue discovered, fixed

Threats to Western Civilization (10.7.2004)
Is MidEast Peace Stuck in Neutral?
Israel says it won't do anything to recognize a Palestinian state until they have "a Palestinian partner could be found who would fulfill all the required commitments in the road map".

Socialism Doesn't Work: Never Has, Never Will (10.7.2004)
Hussein's Oil Money Fed Russian Politics
Most of it went to the Communists

Aviation News (10.7.2004)
Big Fight Over Aircraft Subsidies
Boeing says Airbus is cheating trade rules. Airbus says Boeing is doing the same.

News (10.7.2004)
Canadians Almost Had to Vote Again
Parliamentary democracies tend to be unstable. Doesn't help when the leading party doesn't have a majority and a sizeable minority party doesn't even want to stay in the country.

Election 2004 (10.7.2004)
India's Finance Minister Says Kerry's Anti-Trade Rhetoric is Nonsense
Anti-outsourcing talk just "pre-election rhetoric"

Election 2004 (10.7.2004)
Vandalism and Violence in American Campaigns
Documentation of a spooky series of attacks on campaign offices and supporters. Don't get into political arguments if you drink on airplanes.

Computers and the Internet (10.7.2004)
Google Takes on the Library of Congress
They want to digitize every printed matter they can get their hands on. As long as intellectual property rights are upheld, it's a great idea.

The American Way (10.7.2004)
X-Prize Worked So Well, They're Looking at Others
They're taking suggestions. There's no doubt private prizes work to catalyze both interest and competition...two things often missing from research controlled by governments.

Weather and Natural Disasters (10.7.2004)
"Skids Greased" for Mt. St. Helens Lava Flow
No reliable forecast for when it might erupt

The United States of America (10.7.2004)
There Is No Secret Plan for a Military Draft
House votes 402-2 against instituting a draft. Rumors have been going around for at least five months about a draft, thanks in no small part to New York Rep. Charles Rangel. Among the reasons a draft is usually a bad idea: In a professional military, a smaller number of higher-skilled warriors are more effective than a larger number of low-skill troops. Most skill areas would take at least three to six months to train, and few draft commitments last longer than two years (making it horribly inefficient from a manpower standpoint). Add in that the military professionals already serving probably don't want an influx of Howard Dean campus campaigners in their ranks and that drafting millions of lower-skilled young adults would badly disrupt the labor market at a very bad time, and there are plenty of reasons to second-guess any draft rumors.

Threats to Western Civilization (10.7.2004)
Car Bombs Kill 39 in Pakistan
Probably a Shiite Muslim attack on gathering of Sunni Muslims

Science and Technology (10.7.2004)
Kids May Be Endangering UK's Future in Science
57% of schools have cancelled science experiments because they were worried about kids getting hurt. Could be at the heart of a decline in science majors in British colleges. Why is it especially bad news? Because the UK's economic growth rate is in the low 2% range. It's nearly impossible to push that higher in an industrial economy without a firm footing in science and technology.

Computers and the Internet (10.7.2004)
What Gamers Really Look Like
Exhibition shows pictures of role-playing gamers and their avatars

Threats to Western Civilization (10.7.2004)
No Injuries in Indonesian Bomb Attack
Same location where 38 were killed in April after violence between Christians, Muslims

Science and Technology (10.7.2004)
Anti-Terrorism Walls
Anti-ramming, anti-blast walls. Impressive demonstration videos.

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