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Election 2004 (10.8.2004)
Debates Breaking All the Rules
Note how the first debate wasn't seated at a table, and how the pool system was all messed up. Nevermind how insanely bland the rules have made the debates. A sizeable number of people will evaluate the debates through the eyes of news satirists, anyway, which some people take incredibly seriously.

Election 2004 (10.8.2004)
Australia Votes
Polls close around 5am CT on Saturday. Sitting Prime Minister expected to win narrowly.

The United States of America (10.8.2004)
Congress to Boeing: Keep Your Planes
Dumps a $23.5 billion bid for 100 airborne tanker planes. Pentagon still thinks it has 20% too much base capacity.

Weather and Natural Disasters (10.8.2004)
6.2 Quake Hits Manila
No immediate injury or death reports. Tsunami advisory issued for Alaska and West Coast, but later downgraded.

Weather and Natural Disasters (10.8.2004)
Japan May Get Hit By Worst Hurricane in a Decade
100-mph winds recorded. Should make landfall shortly.

We All Need a Little Humor (10.8.2004)
Buy Money Before It's Actually Money
Someone put a 1000-yen bank note on an online auction site...but Japan isn't releasing the bill until November 1

Threats to Western Civilization (10.8.2004)
Terrorists Murder At Least 28 Israelis at Egyptian Resort
Two other bombings followed the first. Egypt's giving Israel hassle over letting rescuers in to help. There's no excuse -- none -- for injuring children, as these terrorists did.

Election 2004 (10.8.2004)
South Korea Anxious About US Election
One politician seems to think a Kerry win would help; others say they just want to use the election to get the ball rolling

Threats to Western Civilization (10.8.2004)
Terrorists Attack Indonesian Embassy to Paris
9 injured. "French Islamic Front" apparently claims responsibility.

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