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Science and Technology (10.10.2004)
Help! I've Fallen, and I Can't Get Up!
They're putting what's basically a mercury switch into shirts with cellular phone technology

Business and Finance (10.10.2004)
Flashback to the 90's
Options and stock market formulas. Ah, those were the days. Incredible fun, though not terribly rational.

Science and Technology (10.10.2004)
Weather as a Military Weapon
It's been seriously discussed for almost a decade. They're also updating the space warfare badge.

News (10.10.2004)
AP Says Christopher Reeve is Dead
Cardiac arrest indicated

Science and Technology (10.10.2004)
Taiwan Gets World's Tallest Building
1,700 feet tall, with 101 stories from sidewalk to architectural top. Taller than Petronas Towers.

Science and Technology (10.10.2004)
Murphy's Law Proven True, Or So They Tell Us
The statistical formula includes sine. Why remains to be explained. British Gas claims to have commissioned the study by Keelan Leyser, Philip Obadya, and David Lewis. But there's reason for at least a little skepticism, since Leyser's site is more than a little goofy, Lewis is plugged by a self-improvement group, and Obadya doesn't appear to exist (at least on the web). The gas company is apparently also using the supposed research in an ad campaign. So despite its coverage by serious news organizations like News.com.au above and The Scotsman, it may all be nothing more than an elaborate hoax. We'll see. The presence of sine in the equation is a little fishy.

The American Way (10.10.2004)
The Urgent Case for Economic Growth
China's economy will outsize the United States' in less than a decade if it continues growing at 8% or more. Why it matters. Singapore's economy is growing at a similarly incredible rate.

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