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Socialism Doesn't Work: Never Has, Never Will (10.11.2004)
Leftover Soviet Airplane Nearly Kills Poland's Prime Minister
Engine on Tu-154 catches fire during refueling stop.

Socialism Doesn't Work: Never Has, Never Will (10.11.2004)
Oil Prices Could Be In Line For Another Hit
Nigeria's biggest union is on strike against the oil industry there. Why? To protest high fuel prices.

News (10.11.2004)
600 Chinese Die Each Day on Roads
World Health Organization says it's the leading cause of death for Chinese ages 15 to 45

Threats to Western Civilization (10.11.2004)
Basque Terrorists Had Anti-Aircraft Missiles
France, Spain arrest 20 suspects

The American Way (10.11.2004)
Economist Says Ireland Could Grow at 6.5% a Year
Ireland is rated one of the world's ten most free economies

Threats to Western Civilization (10.11.2004)
Terrorists Kill 46 in India
Bombs, gunfire in railway stations and markets

Science and Technology (10.11.2004)
Plan Floated to Put 130 Wind Turbines in Nantucket Sound
Near Cape Cod. Would be a $750 million project.

News (10.11.2004)
Girl Survives Eight Days in Wrecked Car Without Food or Water
Tells rescuers, "I think I might be late for curfew."

Election 2004 (10.11.2004)
Presidential Candidate Arrested
Neither Bush nor Kerry -- it was Badnarik, the Libertarian Party candidate who wanted to make a legal case for inclusion in the debates. He's on 49 of 51 ballots. Having other candidates in the debates would certainly make them more interesting.

Iowa (10.11.2004)
Kirkwood Hotel Being Converted to Apartments
Des Moines building to remain on National Register

Science and Technology (10.11.2004)
Solving the Oil Crisis
Might start with manure. Some call it "brown gold".

The Looming Water Crisis (10.11.2004)
Drought Costing Nebraska Tens of Millions
They're trying to get it back through federal aid

The Looming Water Crisis (10.11.2004)
Water-Rights Contracts Literally Drying Up
Among other things, original copies of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo are turning to dust

Iowa (10.11.2004)
Farmers Trying to Finish Soybean Harvest
Iowa crop is getting dry fast

Weather and Natural Disasters (10.11.2004)
Airplane Contrails on the Rise
May be raising nighttime temps

The American Way (10.11.2004)
Nobel Prize Winners for Economics Explain Why Prescriptions Are Hard to Price
It's also related to some of the work I've done on negotiation with terrorists and kidnappers.

Threats to Western Civilization (10.11.2004)
Saboteurs Down Power Lines Near Milwaukee
17,000 without power. Airport also lost electricity. Terrorism? Possibly.

Aviation News (10.11.2004)
Awaiting an Explanation of "Pursers"
At least some airlines (United is specifically noted above) have taken to calling their senior flight attendants "pursers" of late, at least in my experience. Is this some strange throwback to the days when oceangoing ships were the preferred means of travel, and the purser was the officer in charge of provisions? Certainly, there's a small amount of money exchanged if one chooses to buy a $5 drink, but passengers don't even pay for things from the in-flight catalog onboard. Is "purser" just another example of title inflation?

The American Way (10.11.2004)
October 11th Carnival of the Capitalists
The anniversary edition. Some personal favorites: What President Bush should have said about drug reimportation, the escalator of rising living standards, why savings should rise, adding value at the checkout register, what perils to avoid when buying a business, and a post on China's economy that expands on several points made in my contribution this week.

We All Need a Little Humor (10.11.2004)
New Spoof on the Election
Musical take-off on "Dixie"

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