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The American Way (10.17.2004)
Expanded Union Among the US, Canada, and Mexico Coming
Independent group with the backing of the Council on Foreign Relations is working on a common plan for quasi-unification to essentially eliminate the borders. It's a step toward fighting off the EU, India, and China with a bigger, better economic bloc.

Weather and Disasters (10.17.2004)
Fire Does Huge Damage to 56-Story Tower in Caracas
It's one of the biggest in South America

Threats to Western Civilization (10.17.2004)
Violence Between Christians, Muslims Forces 1,000 People to Flee Indonesian Village
It's about whether the two groups should share a single government. Trouble brews in Zimbabwe, thousands of miles away, with racial strife.

Threats to Western Civilization (10.17.2004)
Israel Thinks Russian Expatriates Are Building Iran's Latest Missiles
Meanwhile, Iran is trying to make nice with Britain, and Secretary of State Colin Powell is trying to kick-start talks over North Korea

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