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Socialism Doesn't Work: Never Has, Never Will (10.18.2004)
What Happens When the Government Controls Medicine? Waste.
Nurse: "I can't take it anymore!" Bureaucrats: "La-la...We can't hear you"

The American Way (10.18.2004)
Englishmen Trying to Regain a Parliament
One small step for smaller government

Socialism Doesn't Work: Never Has, Never Will (10.18.2004)
Reminder: Communism Still Doesn't Work
70% of North Korean defectors living in South Korea are on the dole, mainly because they don't understand how capitalism works

We All Need a Little Humor (10.18.2004)
Billboards in Moscow Advertising for Ukranian Presidential Candidate
It's like having ads for Vincente Fox of Mexico showing up in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin is running around China trying to drive them nutty.

Election 2004 (10.18.2004)
Costs and Benefits to City-County Mergers
Folks voting on the Des Moines/Polk County merger, take heed

The United States of America (10.18.2004)
The More Government Cuts Public Radio Budgets, the More Conservatives Will Hate Public Radio
The broader issue is how broadcasters allocate their efforts when preparing their programming

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