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The American Way (10.19.2004)
October 18th Carnival of the Capitalists
Personal favorites: The slacker theory of labor productivity, media accountability as both business and public trustee (related to my own submission on talk radio), the return of the Dodge Charger, irrational numbers and the stock market, a personal account of how un-bad things really are right now (a different spin on my previous account of the economic big picture).

Socialism Doesn't Work: Never Has, Never Will (10.19.2004)
Have Your Socialized Medicine, But Don't Be in a Hurry
Total wait between doctor's referral and actual treatment averages 17.9 weeks in Canada. That means if you discover breast cancer or a heart condition today, you can plan on getting your first treatment about two weeks after Valentine's Day. In the heartland province of Sasketchewan, the average is 33.3 weeks. That's eight months!

Threats to Western Civilization (10.19.2004)
Terrorists Kidnap Head of Charity Group in Iraq
Should end the "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" nonsense. Sadly, it won't.

News (10.19.2004)
Former Mafia Hit Man Gets Job as School Security Guard
Perhaps they should've checked his references better

We All Need a Little Humor (10.19.2004)
Patrick Henry Meets Celine Dion
The Bloc Quebecois, which demands sovereignty for the Canadian province of Quebec, has a "We Are The World"-flavored theme they've put to video. Apparently it's not enough to mess up the balance of power in Parliament, they have to go MTV, too.

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