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Aviation News (10.20.2004)
Would You Fly with Celine Dion?
She dressed up in an Air Canada costume to promote the airline's emergence from bankruptcy. She didn't exactly do wonders for Chrysler.

Weather and Disasters (10.20.2004)
Mother Nature Slaps Japan With Another Hurricane
18 killed. Not a good year for Japan and hurricanes.

Threats to Western Civilization (10.20.2004)
Iran Test-Fires Missiles Before Arms Meeting
Iranian officials say they won't suspend uranium enrichment projects, and they're making a show of their long-range missiles. Germany and the UK warn against "miscalculation in Tehran".

We All Need a Little Humor (10.20.2004)
Castro Trips and Falls in Front of 30,000 People
After 600 assassination attempts, he trips and busts his knee and an arm. Somehow the story seems to have escaped Cuba's government propaganda agency.

Science and Technology (10.20.2004)
UN: 4.1 Million Domestic Robots To Be Sold By 2007
Hello, Rosie

Aviation News (10.20.2004)
Commuter Plane Crash Near Kirksville, Missouri
Eight dead in loss of Corporate Airlines flight. Follows crash of a Pinnacle Airlines flight near Jefferson City, Missouri, that killed two.

Threats to Western Civilization (10.20.2004)
Leader of Egyptian Labor Party Says 99% of Hostage Cases in Iraq are Justified by Islamic Law
Says foreigners should be banned from entering Egypt and says if they'd had the weapons they should have bombed Los Angeles in retaliation for Fallujah.

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