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Socialism Doesn't Work (12.11.2004)
Opposition Leaders from Belarus Taking Notes on Ukraine
Ukraine's "orange revolution" may be setting the framework for a similar turn of events in Belarus, which the State Department diplomatically suggests has been having some troubles with reform. Ukraine's Yushchenko still says he was poisoned; new tests are underway.

News (12.11.2004)
Mrs. Jones, Say It Ain't So
Marion Jones plans to fight rumors she used performance-enhancing drugs. Hope she's telling the truth. Some folks suggest that all athletes should be allowed to take drugs.

News (12.11.2004)
Dance, My Little Monkey, Dance!
Read as a politician tries to make the case for Turkey to join the European Union without once mentioning the 800-lb. gorilla in the room: That predominately Christian Europe is not entirely certain it's comfortable with letting 99%-Muslim Turkey into the club. Whether those fears are well-founded or old-fashioned xenophobia, it's positively absurd to act as if religion isn't the central stumbling block. Meanwhile, same-sex marriage is about to become law in Canada.

Socialism Doesn't Work (12.11.2004)
More Ways Free Markets Are Better
More than 7,000 workers are killed in Chinese coal mines every year. That's more than the total number of American workers killed each year in all occupations combined.

Business and Finance (12.11.2004)
Bank of Korea: The Party's Over
Official expectations of 8% annual growth will now give way to 5% projections. The same will eventually happen in China, but will it be soon enough?

We All Need a Little Humor (12.11.2004)
Headline Writer Tempts Fate, Ghost of Jimmy Hoffa
"Teamsters whack city with a $250,000 bill"
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