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Aviation News (12.25.2004)
1,100 Flights Cancelled By Broken Computer System
Flying Comair (a Delta subsidiary) didn't make for much of a holly jolly if your flight was put on ice

Iowa (12.25.2004)
Frozen Pipe Burst and Flooded Iowa's State Capitol
About 1,000 gallons leaked in a Christmas Eve surprise. Whether anything of great value was damaged is still unknown, but the break was in the attic and dripped down below.

News (12.25.2004)
Ukraine's Security Agency Says It Didn't Poison Yushchenko
Election is underway. Some think the pro-Western Yushchenko might actually be strategically better for Russia, though that might just be an isolated sentiment.

News (12.25.2004)
Police Going a Little Crazy in Belfast Over Bank Robbery
The theft of 22 million pounds (upwards of $40 million) makes it a huge heist. But they're talking about recalling all of the currency out there just to keep it from being used. Northern Ireland has currency issued by different banks that's not the same as what's used in the rest of the UK, so it's pretty hard to dispose of. That, and about half of the notes had new traceable serial numbers. Bummer for the thieves.

Weather and Disasters (12.25.2004)
5" of Snow Shuts Down an Entire Mexican State
The state of Chihauhua is basically shut down due to snow. Translate the story for yourself using Babelfish. They're taking the snow a little easier in Brownsville. In the Pacific, a magnitude 8.5 quake and subsequent tidal waves it created have killed hundreds.

Threats to Western Civilization (12.25.2004)
Bomb Threats Kept Attendance Down at Christmas Celebrations in Indonesia
Cardinal there said, "I credit all Christians for their courage to still attend Mass amid the bomb threats." How very sad. Indonesia is the world's fourth-largest single country, and is just 8% Christian.

Science and Technology (12.25.2004)
Hangover Cure in a Yogurt?
Korean, Russian government agencies are on the case. They think the fermented milk helps accelerate the breakdown of alcohol in the stomach and improve the function of the liver. But don't go getting sloshed just yet.

We All Need a Little Humor (12.25.2004)
How to Avoid a Speeding Ticket
A New Zealander's defense. Rather creative...and liberal with the facts.
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