Gongol.com Archives: July 2005
Brian Gongol

Aviation News (7.12.2005)
Pilot Swings Passenger Jet Toward Another
Near-collision caused because Pilot A thought Pilot B was a friend of his; wanted to take his picture from the cockpit

Threats to Western Civilization (7.12.2005)
London Underground Bombings Virtually Simultaneous
Analysis of power surges and emergency calls says the timeline was much more compact than originally thought. Warning: A virus is going around, masquerading as video of the attacks.

The American Way (7.12.2005)
Massachusetts Program Tries Training Jobless to Start Their Own Businesses
Novel solution to a legitimate problem

Weather and Disasters (7.12.2005)
Hurricane Dennis Landed as a Category 3
Funny how it seems like less of a storm since it fell at roughly the same location as Ivan did last year. Just because Ivan was especially bad shouldn't necessarily mitigate our perception of how bad Dennis was in its own right. Lots of photos out there.

News (7.12.2005)
Supposed Leaked Memo Indicates Plans to Pull Troops Out of Iraq by 2006
Leaks like these are never certainties

Weather and Disasters (7.12.2005)
More Wildfires in Colorado, South Dakota

Science and Technology (7.12.2005)
People Who Merge Late on Freeways Not As Evil As We Usually Think
"Late merging" increases road capacity by 15% or more and reduces accidents. Cuts down on the "accordion effect" of people stopping to merge earlier and earlier in the backup. Seems counterintuitive, but studies bear out the results.

News (7.12.2005)
Compaq Center Becomes a Giant Church
A $95 million, 16,000-seat church? Is it faith or is it just entertainment with occasional references to the Bible?

Election 2008 (7.12.2005)
Former Time Magazine Editor Regrets Not Putting Hillary Clinton on the Cover as Person of the Year 1998
Meantime, she's calling President Bush "Alfred E. Neuman." Despite the political blather, if Senator Clinton keeps to the Democratic Leadership Council's party line on issues like Social Security (the DLC calls for private accounts), tort reform (the DLC calls for fewer ridiculous class-action suits), and fiscal policy (the DLC endorses pay-as-you-go budget policy), then she'd be a much better Democrat to have in office than, for example, Howard Dean. If they (and she) really believe in those things, aren't they really just Republicans with liberal social views?