Gongol.com Archives: September 2005
Brian Gongol

Threats to Western Civilization (9.13.2005)
So Long, British Sovereignty
EU can now tell the UK whom to jail...even if Britain doesn't think they did anything wrong

Business and Finance (9.13.2005)
Despite Promises of Big Crowds, Almost No One Shows Up to Protest Fuel Prices in UK
What good does it really do anyway? Fuel and energy are commodity businesses.

The United States of America (9.13.2005)
Roberts Confirmation Hearings Start

News (9.13.2005)
Outsiders Trying Last-Ditch Efforts to Get Added to UN Security Council

Weather and Disasters (9.13.2005)
Federal Government Could Foot $150 Billion Bill for Katrina

The American Way (9.13.2005)
September 12, 2005 Carnival of the Capitalists