Gongol.com Archives: September 2005
Brian Gongol

We All Need a Little Humor (9.27.2005)
Parents! Let Your Son Play Little League!
And other hysterical entries in the mock-propaganda poster contest

The United States of America (9.27.2005)
Speak-a the English?
Group wants Anglophones to cut down on the use of idioms and slang when they talk to non-native speakers of English. That's no big deal. But the example of "Americanized" English they use goes so far to make the point, it's beyond preposterous.

The United States of America (9.27.2005)
Amendment to Congressional Bill Appears to Prohibit All Production of "Obscenity"
It's part of a bill to protect children, but section 7 calls very broadly for "Prohibiting the production of obscenity as well as transportation, distribution, and sale." Does that mean it's illegal to have a copy of an "adult video" in the car? Or to pull a Paris Hilton? How do they intend to enforce rules on the vague concept of "obscenity"? It's right to protect children from exploitation, but the literal interpretation of this law goes much, much farther than that.

Science and Technology (9.27.2005)
The Difference Between Science and Consensus

The American Way (9.27.2005)
September 26, 2005 Carnival of the Capitalists
Some of the best: Why they should toss out "Ask Jeeves", how to land new clients on a bargain budget, how to raise a FICO score, why the weblog bubble is just that, prediction markets inside Google, and how to create a slogan