Gongol.com Archives: October 2005
Brian Gongol

Weather and Disasters (10.20.2005)
Relief Situation Following India/Pakistan Quake Worse than After Tsunami
Initial 50,000 dead could be overshadowed by a much larger death toll from winter exposure and starvation. It's not the natural disaster that kills; it's being poor when a natural disaster strikes that kills.

We All Need a Little Humor (10.20.2005)
Imagine Seeing Michael Jackson in the Jury Box
Nothing good could come of that. Jackson received a summons at Neverland, but his lawyer says he isn't living in America anymore. Right now he's put up a tent in Bahrain.

The American Way (10.20.2005)
On the Urgency of Popularizing Economics

The American Way (10.20.2005)
What About Just Giving Everyone from New Orleans $200,000?

The American Way (10.20.2005)
How an Economist's Understanding of Game Theory Averted Nuclear War
The recent Nobel prizewinner's ability to communicate economic thinking helped the strategic players realize a second-strike nuclear capability was enough to keep us from going to war with the Soviets

Agriculture (10.20.2005)
"Why Jews Don't Farm"
An economical answer to why there aren't many ranchers who attend temple. In short, Judaism imposes a literacy requirement, which in turn favors urban occupations. Carry that out over many generations, and it's unlikely that many Jewish families will live on the land.

Weather and Disasters (10.20.2005)
NASA Animation of Hurricane Season 2005
Outstanding use of technology to illustrate what a year it's been. Similarly fascinating is their animation of a year on planet Earth.

Weather and Disasters (10.20.2005)
Wilma Intensified More and Faster Than Any Hurricane Before
87 mb pressure drop in half a day. It's down from Category 5 now, but could reintensify before it hits Florida. Forecasts show it pounding southern Florida. The UK Meteorological Office has the full year's hurricane tracks mapped out.

Socialism Doesn't Work (10.20.2005)
Propaganda Posters from North Korea
"Let's raise more rabbits." The more government feels the need to tell people what to do, the less likely it's actually helping them.

We All Need a Little Humor (10.20.2005)
Comments on Snoop Dogg's Website
"Either these are hoaxers of great talent, or else the greatest half-wits in Christendom"