Gongol.com Archives: November 2005
Brian Gongol

The American Way (11.6.2005)
How Brain Drain from Poor Countries Can Help Them Grow
If young people see an example in well-educated countrymen who leave and make it big in wealthier countries, that encourages them to get more education -- which, in turn, is a huge driver of growth

News (11.6.2005)
The Relationship Between Religion and Politics -- On a Global Scale

The United States of America (11.6.2005)
US Trying to Sway Latin America with FTAA
The importance of good US relations with Latin America can't be overstated. Free trade binds countries together peacefully, and it's a good way of holding off demagogues like Hugo Chavez.

News (11.6.2005)
Chicago Gangs Abandoning Drug Crime, Going into Mortgage Crime Instead
Creates a feedback loop: The more mortgage crime in an area, the less likely an honest lender will want to lend again, thus opening up a wider field for the crooks. It's doubly insidious, since the crime is disproportionately prevalent in poorer areas, which need honest property owners more than anything. It mirrors a story in the developing world, where microlending from honest sources helps lift the poor out of poverty.

Election 2008 (11.6.2005)
Warren Beatty Setting Himself Up to Oppose Schwarzenegger for California Governor
So will he use Bulworth-style campaign ads?

Socialism Doesn't Work (11.6.2005)
Vandals Hit Chicago Restaurant Hours After Owner Testifies Against Foie Gras Ban
Part of the Chicago city council wants to ban foie gras in Chicago restaurants as a protest against the "barbarity" of force-feeding ducks and geese. And while the nanny state is trying to hurt the restauranteur by making it illegal to sell his wares, vandals are out breaking his windows. No matter what they stand for or against, people who break other people's things are criminals.

The American Way (11.6.2005)
Europe's Independence and Democracy Group
The members of the EU parliament who want to reject the EU constitution

Threats to Western Civilization (11.6.2005)
Hardliners Who Got Iran's President Elected Might Now Regret It
Ahmadinejad has such a habit of irritating the world, it might end up backfiring and toppling the ruling elite. His extremist diatribes about wiping out Israel and the US sent the Tehran stock market to a two-year low. That doesn't usually make for a happy public. It doesn't help, either, that some of the Iranian-encouraged violence in Iraq has moved back across the border.

Business and Finance (11.6.2005)
Former President of TCI Cable Says Many CEOs Are Overpaid and Under-Ethical

Election 2008 (11.6.2005)
US Voters Irritated at Republicans, But Don't See Much Good in Democrats, Either

News (11.6.2005)
Britain's Asylum System Seeing Lots of Duplicate Stories Pushed by Human Traffickers
A hefty welfare state encourages lots of new people to show up

Health (11.6.2005)
A Little Snake Oil with Your Milk?
British dairy is selling "clever milk", saying additives can help kids concentrate better. The only proven "smart milk" is the stuff babies get from their mothers.

Broadcasting (11.6.2005)
Director of "Rome" Angry at BBC for Hyping the Sex Scenes
Says HBO did a better job of showing the whole thing; claims BBC cut out the parts in the Roman Senate to put more emphasis on the sex

Threats to Western Civilization (11.6.2005)
Cruise Ship Off Somalia Attacked by Pirates
The captain sped up and out-maneuvered them. Mostly British passengers aboard the Seabourn Spirit, which holds around 200 passengers

Threats to Western Civilization (11.6.2005)
French Riots Land in Paris Itself
Hundreds of vehicles set ablaze by gangs. France needs to get a grip. They're striking at random, so there's really no "movement" organizing the riots.