Gongol.com Archives: July 2006
Brian Gongol

July 14, 2006

Business and Finance What kind of bodyguards do CEOs get?
A WSJ report says only about 25 US CEOs get round-the-clock protection. That's surprising. It's also a good reinforcement of the notion that everyone should know some form of self-defense, like Tae Kwon-Do. Self-defense tactics are certainly imperfect, but as the adage goes, you don't have to outrun the bear...you just have to outrun one of the other hunters. But if people are close enough to put a pie in your face, they're close enough to stab or shoot you, too.

Humor and Good News "How to Defeat Kim Jong-Il"
(Video) A North Korean propaganda film edited to remove all images of the bouffanted one. The best happens about halfway through, when his face is replaced with a picture of Gary Coleman.

Science and Technology Surgeons implant sensor allowing paralyzed man to "think" a robotic hand into moving

Threats and Hazards Violence escalates between Israel and Lebanon
Israel has attacked in suburbs of Beirut and on the highway between Beirut and Damascus; Hezbollah is firing rockets into Israel, sending many Israelis into bomb shelters. What's easy to forget is that the region is measured in tens of miles, not hundreds or thousands.

Business and Finance Russia-bypassing oil pipeline goes into service
Carries oil from the Caspian to the Mediterranean without going through Russia

CommerceBucket Competition ahead in the credit-ratings business?

Graphics Bear Cavern