Gongol.com Archives: July 2006
Brian Gongol

July 17, 2006

Broadcasting BBC has three full-time employees devoted to choosing correct pronunciations

Threats and Hazards Egyptian press freedoms move backwards
In protest, opposition and independent newspapers suspended publication for a day

Socialism Doesn't Work Taiwanese legislators think Chinese army hacked their computers

Threats and Hazards It was only March of last year when things looked great for Lebanon
Now, Israel claims it's shooting down Lebanese-based missiles supplied by Iran and capable of reaching Tel Aviv, while Beirut has lost its airport, seaport, and 42 bridges to bombardment. The death toll is thought to be over 200 and Lebanon's estimated $2 billion tourist industry has been socked in the gut -- a significant blow, considering the entire economy is only about $20 billion a year. With all the distractions around (in North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon), is this the kind of time when China might make good on its much-protested "anti-secession" law that included the threat of force against Taiwan?

Threats and Hazards Some people actually want to ban Valentine's Day
These aren't depressive singles, they're religious fundamentalists

Weather and Disasters Hurricane kills at least 115 in China

Iowa Sioux City could get entirely new Interstate 29
The current road layout can get a little dicey between the Highway 75/20 interchange and downtown

Water News Dry weather causing brush fires throughout Nebraska
One fire is causing serious damage in Valentine. California is dealing with significant wildfires, too.

Graphics Heat Wave