Gongol.com Archives: August 2006
Brian Gongol

August 20, 2006

Weather and Disasters WMO scientists say ozone hole is repairing itself
Things should be good as new in about a half-century

Health UN envoy says South Africa doesn't take AIDS seriously enough
But, then again, the US doesn't take cancer, diabetes, or Alzheimer's seriously enough

Threats and Hazards Heathrow claims everything back to normal
Meanwhile, Germany thinks terrorists may have been planning a Teutonic train attack

Broadcasting IRS lays down the law on gift bags for Hollywood stars
Lots of actors have been avoiding taxes on those lavish gift bags they get for showing up at awards shows and such

Agriculture How testing electric conductivity could improve the environment
Soils with more conductivity tend to require more herbicides, so testing conductivity in the field could help determine where chemicals should be most efficiently applied

News "How to sell more newspapers"
A really interesting dive into how newspapers could do better

Humor and Good News "Put it in the bag, put it in the bag...bum bum"
One hilarious classic cartoon