Gongol.com Archives: December 2006
Brian Gongol

December 22, 2006

Broadcasting Radio show notes: Today's afternoon drive on WHO Radio

Humor and Good News Extremely narrow buildings

Humor and Good News Ben Stein on achievement
If you aren't willing to work nights and weekends, don't expect greatness. You can be very good without them, but probably not great.

Graphics Starry Eyes

Water News EPA orders DuPont to reduce incidence of non-stick chemicals in drinking water

Health Correlation found between high-stress neighborhoods and bad health
Whether the Johns Hopkins researchers found a causal connection or just a correlation is up to question, but it's not surprising that people living in dangerous neighborhoods don't have good health

Iowa Iowa has practically no unemployment
3.4% unemployment rate in November

Threats and Hazards We're not doing enough to protect ourselves against radiological (dirty) bombs
Report concludes that we're not pursuing loose nuclear material from the old Soviet Union aggressively enough, and that we ought to look into better ways of providing early detection. It also wouldn't hurt for us to stop putting all our eggs in one basket.

Aviation News Use of a turkey fryer at an airport probably not best idea ever
Hot oil and a notoriously unsafe product plus an airport full of flammable materials -- it's not exactly a disaster waiting to happen, but it's probably not too bright

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