Gongol.com Archives: April 2007
Brian Gongol

April 29, 2007

Broadcasting Notes from tonight's Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio

Agriculture Spooky version of wheat rust endangers a billion lives

Business and Finance Energy prices rise and economic growth slows down in first quarter

Humor and Good News Fake (but hilarious) office violence

News China's economy is growing so fast, they're simply planning megacities
Whether a future filled with planned cities of millions of people is scarier than one in which robots synthesize and cook your bacon remains to the reader to decide

Aviation News "Vomit Comet" company gets mounds of publicity practically for free
The endless media coverage of Stephen Hawking's "zero-gravity" flight cost the company just $3,500 -- the price of Hawking's free ticket

The United States of America Is environmental protection really a state issue?
California is suing the EPA, saying it wants to be able to set tougher regulations on things like washing machines than the feds allow

Computers and the Internet Where, physically, is Google holding personal data?
Strangely, the answer appears to be: "No one really knows"

Computers and the Internet A visual history of MSIE
What the browser has looked like over the years. The commentary is a little too fawning, but the pictures are a great throwback.

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