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Brian Gongol

July 8, 2007

Iowa "Project Destiny" tax hike comes to a vote on Tuesday

Broadcasting Notes from the Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - July 8, 2007
Project Destiny...Mark Cuban's billions...red-light cameras cause more accidents

Health Researchers think they can hold off next round of SARS

News 40% of the next wave of Marines headed to Iraq are making repeat tours

Humor and Good News Celebrity children of the future
(Video) Today's celebrities know not what they're doing to their own children

Broadcasting Fairness Doctrine looks dead in the water...for now
And that's a good thing

Business and Finance Booming India could be short a half-million doctors in five years
They're also anticipated to be short by 500,000 engineers and thousands of pilots

Business and Finance Economic conservatives still the swing vote in Irish parliament

Science and Technology Red-light cameras increase rear-end crashes
They also appear to reduce crashes caused by drivers running red lights, but there appears to be a net increase in overall crash costs. That doesn't include the intrusion upon personal liberties -- the whole sense that Big Brother is watching drivers -- which has a cost of its own. Simply extending yellow light times can significantly reduce the number of crashes, and it doesn't involve cameras watching drivers everywhere.

Science and Technology No more gas-only cars in Iran
Due to the shortage of gasoline, the government says it's going to make sure all new cars being built can handle both gasoline and "liquified petroleum gas": Propane or butane, the stuff Americans use to run barbecue grills

The United States of America How can the Vice President not be part of the Executive Branch?
Article II of the Constitution seems pretty clear on the subject; the Vice President is a "civil officer of the United States"

Broadcasting Kenya's government may be trying to silence media critics
More reason for the United States to continue funding and supporting programs like the Voice of America

Threats and Hazards Car bomb kills 105
What's interesting is that the headline would probably garner completely different attention if it had happened in Paris or Toronto or Orlando, than where it actually did happen -- a small town in Iraq. That's unfortunate. The London train bombings were tragic and worthy of attention, and the lives lost in Iraq are equally valuable.

Business and Finance Nonsense titles are being used to mislead senior citizens about finances
People are titling themselves "certified senior advisers," "elder planning specialists," and "registered financial gerontologists" based on correspondence courses and seminars that sound official, but don't require much actual education. More evidence that people need personal financial education as much as they need to know how to drive.

Aviation News Boeing says it has 677 orders in-hand for the new 787
It's the first all-new airliner from Boeing in over a decade, and they're claiming it will be unmatched for fuel efficiency

News 145,000 people show up for civil-service entrance exams in Seoul
That's a striking number of people looking for the apparent security of a government job. There's something a little unsettling, really, about that kind of a turnout: A country in which government jobs are too popular is a country that's going to strangle its private sector, sooner or later.

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