Gongol.com Archives: July 2007
Brian Gongol

July 13, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Internet Fraud

Water News EPA rules could be hurting contact-lens-wearers' eyes

Computers and the Internet Internet fraud continues to evolve
Now, the old Nigerian bank scam is morphing into a post-invasion Iraq thing

Iowa West Des Moines commercials to appear on NBC
Related: Iowans should expect to be bombarded with political ads from now until November 2008

The United States of America Mark Cuban really does want to buy the Cubs
The best outcome of all would be if someone would organize a fan buyout of the Chicago Cubs, similar to the way Green Bay residents bought the Packers. The Cubs are supposedly worth about $450 million as a franchise, so if a million fans each bought five shares at $100 each, a fan-based buyout would be possible. Not that anyone seems to be talking about such an idea, unfortunately.

Humor and Good News Dozens of nutty VW Beetle modifications

Science and Technology New record for energy efficiency using plastic solar cells
Eventually, it would be nice if we could capture the passive solar radiation that currently bounces off houses and other buildings and turn it into electricity. It's not doing much good just reflecting off the paint, anyway.

News New missile-shield partners: India and Israel
Triangulate between the two, and you might get an idea of whom they might be mutually worried about

Humor and Good News Canadian politicians worried about outbreak of pie-throwing

The United States of America US deported lots more Central Americans in FY 2007 than in FY 2006
The US still needs immigration reform, despite what the Senate shot down the other day -- and it needs to include much higher limits for letting workers into the country. Related: Lots of workers at Canada's annual Calgary Stampede are coming from South Africa.

Socialism Doesn't Work An American in Pyongyang
Tour guide tells him, "The Eternal President Kim Il-Sung is in all of us." Thanks to automatic Internet translation, it's possible to review an excellent Russian-narrated photo tour of North Korea in mostly-understandable English.

News St. Louis will allow dogs in outdoor cafes
What a strange thing for people to want -- and for government to act upon

Science and Technology Cork is actually bark from an oak tree
And because it's perpetually renewable, the World Wildlife Fund is thrilled to see people using it

Business and Finance DJIA rises by 2% to record...so what?
This might be a good time to review the Benjamin Graham/Warren Buffett "Mr. Market" metaphor. The market is not the economy. For what it's worth, the Hungarian stock market is also doing well, which is nice to see in a former Communist country. And on the subject of former Communist countries, who would've thought that hip-hop concerts are being used as tools of US-Russian diplomacy?

Business and Finance Employers think young workers are whiny and can't write...but they do know computers

Humor and Good News Robber placated with wine and cheese, asks for group hug
Police: "They should have squeezed him and held onto him for us"