Gongol.com Archives: July 2007
Brian Gongol

July 18, 2007

Water News The costs of aging infrastructure

Graphics Graphic of the day: Game Show Winner

Computers and the Internet Firefox released
Just a few security fixes

Health Today is self-examination day
Women should conduct a monthly breast self-exam and men should conduct a monthly testicular self-exam

Business and Finance Two insurers lose $8 billion in bad mortgage loans
Related: Some very odd things are happening in the bond market

Health Natural selection may not weed out "neutral" genetic changes

Threats and Hazards Four men go to prison for encouraging crowds to bomb Britain

Broadcasting Fake game-show winners create scandal at BBC
And there appears to be no good reason why they couldn't simply have come clean about things in the first place

Humor and Good News 15 unfortunately-placed ads

Iowa West Des Moines for sale
(Video) The City of West Des Moines received two commercials to air on NBC as part of the city's cooperation with the Hy-Vee Triathlon. The city manager, who happens to show a good understanding of how to use the Internet, has put the commercials online for public consumption.

Agriculture "Doomsayers are almost always wrong because they overlook one variable: human ingenuity"

The United States of America Army, Marines stretched thin, so Air Force has to revamp basic training

Threats and Hazards Idi Amin: Only dead for four years
His 54 children fought over their inheritance from the Ugandan dictator. It seems odd to fight over the legacy of a homicidal maniac.

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