Gongol.com Archives: July 2007
Brian Gongol

July 23, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Not a Drop to Drink

Aviation News Top officers in India's air force jump ship for private airlines
The leading reason is probably the fact they can double their pay overnight by switching jobs

Health Africa is being bombarded with counterfeit prescription drugs

The United States of America If California kept New Hampshire's legislator-to-citizen ratio
Then California would have 10,926 members of the state assembly. We still need a larger Congress. Related: Democratic Presidential candidates are far outspending Republicans in Nevada.

News Tokyo's Olympics-bid logo copies the original London logo
Why the logo that London has since switched to needs to be so ugly is beyond understanding. A better alternative took only eight minutes to create.

Water News Flooding cuts off water supplies for 350,000 people in UK

Humor and Good News The commencement speech Yogi Berra didn't really give

Health New AIDS infecions outpace patients getting treatment by 6 to 1
Projections estimate 60 million people infected worldwide in eight years. In part, it's getting worse in places like Russia, where children are a growing share of the country's 100 new infections per day. A quick look at the worldwide infection rates shows that AIDS isn't just an African problem, as it sometimes seems from the news coverage -- though the epidemic there is terrifyingly huge. Related: Norman Borlaug is finally getting some credit for his lifesaving work.

Broadcasting "The Sopranos" in seven minutes
(Video with lots of obscene language and violence) For those of us who never bothered to watch the series, the short version is really just about everything one would care to know.

News Convicted Al Qaeda terrorist gets beaten in prison

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