Gongol.com Archives: July 2007
Brian Gongol

July 30, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Sediment

Water News Sediment puts Arkansas rivers at risk

News Creepy undertones in a Russian state-sponsored youth group

News A great comic strip meets an untimely end
The syndicate that had distributed "Bo Nanas," a sincere-but-not-sappy strip centered on a 3' talking monkey, has pulled the plug on distribution. That's a tragedy: The strip was both original and widely-appealing. With luck, perhaps, the creator of Bo Nanas can be persuaded to continue his work, if less-frequently, online.

News Chicago cabbies want higher fares to pay for gas
Some riders are not amused: "Get rid of your 10 mpg Crown Vics and a buy 51 mpg Prius"

The American Way July 30, 2007 Carnival of the Capitalists

Science and Technology The Future Scale
An effort to begin cataloging some of the major predictions for the future and see just how quickly things the future really is coming

News More biofuels could create a gasoline glut by 2010

News Latin America feels ignored
(Article in Spanish) US ambassador to Peru says it's just that we haven't noticed how smooth relations have become. That argument is a little difficult to swallow.

The United States of America New UK Prime Minister says he believes in "shared values founded on a shared destiny" with the US

News Omaha hospitals worried about rising number of shooting victims
Related: Police have discovered the bodies of four infants in a house in Maryland. A woman living there has been charged with murder.

Agriculture Lots of the Corn Belt is short on rain

Socialism Doesn't Work Why are the Presidential candidates ignoring entitlement spending?
Most of the Presidential candidates completely ignore the looming disaster in Medicare funding (especially) in their 2008 economic platforms. And that's inexcusable. If we don't deal with the problem swiftly, it won't matter what other problems they want to solve...there won't be any cash to do it with. Entitlement spending is an economic emergency (the Bush Administration's Medicare Part D debacle only accelerates the disaster), and the failure of the candidates, media, and onlookers alike to say anything about it is a calamity.

Business and Finance Barron Hilton to give $2.4 billion to charity
The son of the hotel chain founder is cutting the family out of his will and using the money he's going to make from selling his share of the company to the buyout corporation to bulk up the assets of his father's foundation

Threats and Hazards Unknown killers are murdering gorillas in the Congo