Gongol.com Archives: August 2007
Brian Gongol

August 14, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Nebraska Wildfires

Threats and Hazards In 2007, some people are still jailed "at the pleasure of the king"

News Fewer arrests at the border? Might just be a symptom of economic slowdown.

Science and Technology Gestures improve comprehension
Some speakers are known for making lots of gestures while talking -- and apparently, that may contribute positively to their own ability to learn

Weather and Disasters A history of weather at the Iowa State Fair

Threats and Hazards Columnist asks (preposterously) for another 9/11
There are vastly better ways of focusing the nation's attention than catastrophic attacks

Humor and Good News The twelve worst candidate websites for Election 2008

Science and Technology A history of electricity, via Westinghouse
Possibly most interesting is the first all-electric house, built in Mansfield, Ohio, in 1934. What will electrical technology look like 73 years from now?

Humor and Good News Iran claims USAF Thunderbirds as their own
Article published by the Iranian government's news and propaganda agency claims that the Iranian air force can fight off any threat -- but the photo they used is of the USAF Thunderbirds

Water News Extreme fire danger in Nebraska today

Computers and the Internet Six "critical" updates in this month's Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Weather and Disasters Hurricane Flossie will probably graze Hawaii
And chances are that Puerto Rico is going to get hit by Tropical Storm Dean. Iowa, by comparison, just gets things like wind storms.

Business and Finance Exactly how much liquidity did the central banks pump in?
An astonishing amount, in total: $62 billion from the Federal Reserve; $213 billion from the ECB; and another $17 billion in Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, and Singapore combined. And yet more companies still got clobbered. Related: People are making and losing big sums inside the rather bizarre world of "Second Life."

News Reducing violence in Iraq by re-opening the factories
There's no doubt that mass unemployment is contributing to the violence. Getting people to work ought to be one of the very foremost priorities.

Computers and the Internet Google reaches its storage limit
They'll sell extra storage to users at $20 per year for 6 extra gigabytes

Computers and the Internet Javascript again at fault for Firefox security problem
This time, it's about storing data in third-party applications, and whether Javascript could allow someone in the back door to get at that data

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