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Brian Gongol

September 23, 2007

Broadcasting Show notes from the "Brian Gongol Show" on WHO Radio - September 23, 2007
Including Sen. Obama's tax plan, gas prices of the future, and nanotechnology

Humor and Good News Marcel Marceau has died
He revived the art of mime

Agriculture Borlaug talks about biofuels and global warming
On both subjects, he suggests uncertainty: He thinks biofuels have a place, but that we have to be sure they don't compete with food supplies, and that global warming certainly seems to be occurring, but that we shouldn't go overboard reacting to it in ways that will cause many more deaths in the immediate future

Humor and Good News A peaceful world depends upon your scale
Compared to historical civilizations, today's world is profoundly peaceful

The United States of America Rudy Giuliani hobnobs with Thatcher, Blair, and Brown in one trip
It's a good political move for Giuliani as a Presidential candidate, but the real importance is how it reveals the degree to which the Reagan/Thatcher revolution redefined politics in the English-speaking world. Blair and Brown are leaders of the left-wing party in Britain; but yet they're meeting with the same candidate who gets face time with Thatcher herself.

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