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Brian Gongol

October 10, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Neural Network

Water News Trees as a stormwater treatment alternative

Science and Technology The world, in a nutshell, described via monkey neurology

News How to become the most hated mayor around: Do everything right
But do an awful job of getting along with the local news media. That's what the mayor of Philly has learned the hard way. Related: DC feels corrupt because everyone is spending other people's money. Also related: Somebody needs to lay the law down on a bunch of snobs who think they run Minneapolis from their bicycle seats.

Computers and the Internet Fat Patch Tuesday arrives
Four "critical" updates are included in the Microsoft software release, among a total of six patches. Symantec thinks it's seeing evidence of quick post-patch exploits. Related: Spammers are increasingly pushing financial scams...which, it should certainly be noted, are a wide-open door for exploitation by organized crime.

The United States of America Democrats pull out of Michigan primary
They're trying to avoid sanctions for participating in a vote that encroaches on the traditional Iowa/New Hampshire early-voting turf.

Socialism Doesn't Work Communist Party of China gets its meeting on
They're patting themselves on the back quite heartily right now for reaping the benefits of economic development -- but the future is profoundly uncertain since people will quite naturally tend to want political freedom as they enjoy greater economic freedom. As someone once put it, China is like a giant locomotive in which the fireman is shoveling coal onto the boiler as fast as possible, while the brakeman is putting his entire might into locking up the wheels. The dynamic between the two is going to produce some profound consequences someday.

Health Government recommendations on exercise might be a little too lazy
It appears that light exercise is better than none at all, but British guidelines (which look a lot like American ones) may be suggesting to people that they don't have to work very hard to gain substantial health benefits...when in reality, people need to really break a serious sweat.

Business and Finance The incredible shrinking labor strike
UAW goes on strike against Chrysler for less than six hours before agreeing to a contract. It seems rather unwise for labor and management to spend a lot of time fighting when their business is rapidly losing market share to the competition.

Broadcasting Chicago-area radio station keeps two pet cows

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