Gongol.com Archives: October 2007
Brian Gongol

October 25, 2007

Humor and Good News Cockatoo shows off professional dance moves
(Video) Hilarious

Business and Finance BONY jettisons a beautiful old identity

Humor and Good News Satellites for sale

News What made the I-35W bridge collapse? My, my...wouldn't you like to know?
But the Federal authorities in charge of the process are not especially keen on revealing the answer until sometime late in 2008. And what about those bridges that may be in a similarly-desperate condition today? Yes, there's reason to be deliberate about the research. But there's no reason it should take more than a year to determine the answer.

Weather and Disasters Impressive photo of tornado crossing a lake
It even produced a rainbow

Health 20% of Canadians say $100 is too much to pay for a cancer vaccine
Is it a pathetic commentary on socialized medicine? On scientific illiteracy? On the insanity of the modern consumer mind? Whatever it is, the thought that anyone would regard $100 as too high a price to pay for the HPV vaccine is truly staggering. But that's the result of a large telephone survey.

Science and Technology NYU researchers think they've found the neural center of optimism

News You can't spank your kids in Norway

The American Way EBay offers micro-lending to the world

Business and Finance Should Greenspan "retire to somewhere secluded, stocked with Ayn Rand pinups and preferably without a phone"?

Water News California wildfires create a mixture of air and water pollution
The National Weather Service has a fine explanation of why Santa Ana winds have made the wildfires worse. Whether the evacuations (and the emergency shelters) have worked as well as authorities intended is also worth consideration. The amazing scale of the fires is hard to grasp.

Broadcasting Head of BBC World Service says more Mideast services won't hurt other channels
Related: There's some reason to believe that things are about to get worse in Pakistan, and whatever we've been doing, it hasn't been cheap. And a history of the BBC World Service.