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Brian Gongol

October 29, 2007

Iowa Who won the Barton Solvents story?
A quick media analysis of the news coverage of the explosion at Barton Solvents in Des Moines

Water News Omaha has lost some of its natural stormwater capacity

The United States of America South African drivers' licenses and immigration
Drivers' licenses in South Africa are almost impossibly difficult to get, which breeds industries in cheating, bribery, and outright license theft. The result is a dangerous system in which unlicensed drivers make the roads five times more dangerous per mile traveled than those in the United States, and where government officials break the rules and cheat the law in the process of doling out the "privilege" of a license. Sounds a lot like the US immigration system: Setting our immigration limits too far below what the country really needs (and below the demand by outsiders to get in) has resulted in a system in which laws are broken, cheating is widespread, and criminals take an active role in the process. Want to stop the problem? Don't build a fence -- raise the number of immigrants allowed into the country legally.

The United States of America The Alaska Highway: A defense against the invasion that never happened

The United States of America Thompson may be the only major candidate talking about entitlement reform
And that's a very serious shortcoming among the 2008 Presidential candidates. For all the talk about other issues, if we don't get Medicare spending under control, we can kiss the long-term health of the economy goodbye. Related: The Iowa Democratic Party has moved its caucuses to match the Republicans' new date on January 3rd.

News Note to college kids: If it looks like an assault, don't be surprised when the cops show up

News A 70% election turnout?
That's what's expected in parts of the Philippines today. The US probably couldn't hit a nationwide voter turnout rate of 70% if they were giving out $100 bills at every polling place.

Iowa Ode to Tasty Tacos

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