Gongol.com Archives: December 2007
Brian Gongol

December 27, 2007

Water News Power finally resumes for Kansas areas hit by ice storm

Threats and Hazards Bhutto assassinated in Pakistan

Computers and the Internet You never get a vacation from e-mail
PC Magazine has an interesting look at how a hijacked domain was being used in a phishing attack, and how the best way to keep on top of those kinds of things is to watch your inbox, even on holidays

Aviation News NASA plans a big mission to upgrade Hubble Space Telescope

Health Huge progress on stem cells in the last few months
Best of all, there is some possibility that stem cells created by reverse-engineering skin cells could obviate the need for embryonic stem cells and the quagmire of ethical issues they create

Computers and the Internet Predicting the technology trends for 2008
Two that have real promise to be big: In-flight Internet access and the rise of open-source software like OpenOffice, which is getting better all the time and now quite effectively rivals Microsoft's Office suite

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