Gongol.com Archives: January 2008
Brian Gongol

January 11, 2008

Water News Drought will cut into Missouri River hydropower again in 2008

Computers and the Internet Consumer Electronics Show highlights
Also in the news from CES: The big production houses still want Apple to keep its mitts of their content

Aviation News You can land at Area 51...but getting there might be a hassle
Pilots' group finds an airport clearly marked within Area 51, but there isn't exactly an open invitation for anyone to fly in

Threats and Hazards If nothing else will get government to control spending, maybe this will
Moody's has warned that the sterling credit rating it's always granted to US government debt might not last another ten years because the government has been spending like a drunken sailor on lots of things and hasn't even begun to address the bank-breaking enormity of the pending funding crisis in Medicare.

Iowa Talk to your doctor about EOS

Humor and Good News There is such a thing as having too much in common with your spouse
A pair of British twins -- fraternal, of course -- were separated at birth and apparently ended up marrying completely by accident later in life. Oops.

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