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Brian Gongol

July 10, 2008

Water News Fluoridation hits Nebraska ballots in November

Humor and Good News Chris Berman: Drug smuggler
(Video) He gives a pretty funny account of how to get Canadian aspirin across the border to his stage crew during a break

News China claims it's stopped five terrorist groups planning attacks on Olympics
The government claims that most of them are from groups seeking a breakup of China or independence for individual regions. Either way, the possibility of a fracturing of the Chinese state could be one of the most significant world issues in the coming decades, and one that virtually nobody seems to be thinking about. The economic and political consequences could be staggering -- but the military consequences could be even greater. China has already fought one civil war in the last century; another is far from implausible. It should not escape our attention that the Shanghai stock index has fallen by 50% this year. The Chinese stock bubble has been an obvious threat since at least June of last year. One can only imagine how angry the American public would be if the major indices fell 50% in six months here...and we're building on a centuries-old history of understanding risk and reward in the capital markets. China, on the other hand, only just recently started letting individuals put money into the stock market. Government-controlled media are towing the party line that the government will take "effective action" to keep them from losing money. Meanwhile, inflation there is high and staying high.

Aviation News Next week marks 19 years since the crash of UAL 232
Flight 232 crashed at Sioux City after a catastrophic failure in one of its engines wiped out the hydraulic control systems. The failure itself was an example of how it's possible for even extremely unlikely events to occur -- and the crew's heroic response was an example of what skilled, quick-thinking people can do to save lives in an emergency.

Business and Finance Where your tax dollars go
Federal website lets the public search for contracts paid for by the government over the last few years. Different searches let the visitor see who the biggest Federal contractors are and how much is spent in any given state.

Broadcasting Would you get up at 2:00 am for $1 million a year?
Chicago's top-rated morning show host is going to retire in half a year when his contract runs out, partly because the hours are brutal

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