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Brian Gongol

July 27, 2008

Broadcasting Show notes from the Brian Gongol Show - July 27, 2008

Computers and the Internet Pages you can print to make your life easier

Business and Finance Zimbabwe introduces a 100-billion-unit currency

Iowa Iowa City named as a town college students don't want to leave
Which brings up a couple of thoughts: First, what are community and family life going to look like in 25 or 50 years? In parts of Europe, adult children often live at home for many years past college age. We seem to have had a longstanding get-out-on-your-own tradition, but there's lots of talk that a "boomerang generation" is turning that around. So when sociologists talk about the rise of "urban tribes," one has to wonder whether we're headed down lots of differing roads at once. Second, if there's something about the college mystique that attracts individuals to Iowa City, isn't there something better we can do to breathe some new life into Iowa's traditional reputation as a "smart" place?

Business and Finance Philips: One company that hasn't bothered changing names in a long time
And that's a good thing. Too many companies play the perpetual name-change game. Changing a company name is hardly a sensible way to project a sense of permanence. But then again, maybe permanence isn't what renter-capitalists really want.

Computers and the Internet Is reading online the same as reading printed text?

Aviation News Video of Space Shuttle launch from a passing passenger jet
(Video - including a few expletives) What's going to be fun is when passenger spaceflight becomes routine, in just a couple of years

Business and Finance South Korean think tank worries that rising oil prices will lead to stagflation
It seems likely that the late spike in oil prices has been overheated. But what's worrisome is that as prices fall a little off their highs, the drive to make corrections to our energy balance will ease and we'll just wake up a few years down the road having done nothing to make the situation better.

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