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Brian Gongol

March 16, 2009

Business and Finance Toyota's looking for ways to get rid of the gasoline-powered car
That's one of the best ways to stay in business: Figure out what could put you out of business, then try to do it yourself.

Business and Finance We're really going down the wrong path
AIG's being criticized for using some of the Federal bailout money it received to give bonuses to its employees. And it is plainly ridiculous that the company would be distributing bonuses under these circumstances. But the fact that it's the President of the United States who's trying to lead the critical outcry -- and the fact that the US government has such a huge stake in a private firm like AIG -- tells us that we're in a bad place for capitalism right now. Much of the private sector has been turning to the government for too much help, and the government is participating in the process with a little too much eagerness. What we really need is the return of ownership capitalism, in which the shareholders are the ones who express the most outrage of all -- and in which their will reigns supreme.

Socialism Doesn't Work Welcome to North Korea, where socialism rules and it takes 10 years to build a pizza shop

Broadcasting Podcast: Old laws can't always deal with new phenomena
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Water News Flood Safety Awareness Week starts today

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