Gongol.com Archives: March 2009
Brian Gongol

March 21, 2009

Broadcasting Notes from the WHO Radio Wise Guys - March 21, 2009
Topics: Closed captioning in theaters...speeding up your computer...bacteria in space

Humor and Good News For a time capsule to have a purpose, you have to put something inside it
The people of Santa Fe, New Mexico are getting a disappointment upon discovering that a time capsule that was to have been buried in 1960 was never buried at all -- and, in fact, was never even filled with anything. It became a garbage can in someone's back office instead. The company that made the container also made nuclear instruments, so it was built to standards a bit more rigorous than those required by a wastebasket. (The company appears to have become part of Thermo Scientific in the years since.)

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