Gongol.com Archives: November 2009
Brian Gongol

November 27, 2009

Threats and Hazards What good are ethics if your children are hungry?
Without a functioning means of free speech and a free press, it's nearly impossible to have a functioning civil society and useful government. It too often seems like a remote concern in the United States, but it's a reality in many places (if not most) around the world that political powers have considerable capacity to hold back the free press.

Broadcasting Better BBC headlines are coming
The BBC has successfully made the leap from British radio and TV monolith to Internet-era news source to the world. (Sure, the BBC World Service was and is one of the best international shortwave radio broadcasts around. But with American news outlets overdependent on the AP, which has inadequate international coverage and draconian policies about taking their content offline soon after it's produced, the BBC has achieved a level of reach in America via the Internet it never had before, especially among those interested in international news.) Fortunately, now the BBC is improving its headlines. Instead of all-too-brief, cryptic abbreviated headlines, they're going to start using longer, clearer statements. This is a good step forward -- headlines are most of what we know about most news stories.

Humor and Good News A graphic designer responds to a request for free work
Hilarious, though the exchange gets a little heated and uses some coarse language

Futurism Futurist predicts revolution in the UK within three years
Ian Pearson isn't exactly prone to hyperbole, and he's made some very good predictions in the past. That's what makes his words unnerving. He thinks responsible, middle-class people are being squeezed to the breaking point and may respond enthusiastically if a charismatic political leader decides to take things a little farther than others.

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