Gongol.com Archives: February 2010
Brian Gongol

February 25, 2010

News India and Pakistan return to speaking terms
The two countries have to get along in order for the world to have a sustainable sense of security. India is the world's second-largest country (by population); Pakistan is 6th. (Yes, it's really larger than Russia, Japan, and Mexico.) Both countries have nuclear weapons. And they share a very long border. We ignore their relations at our own peril.

Health and Medicine Model suggests HIV/AIDS could be halted within 40 years
Better containment of the disease through testing and retroviral drugs could render the scourge virtually non-infectious, which could in turn turn it inert. A hugely expensive proposition, to be sure, but highly promising -- especially considering the cost of treating a still-spreading disease would undoubtedly be much larger.

Aviation News An intriguing proposal: "Allow anybody who wants to qualify to be a reserve air marshal"

Science and Technology First monogamous amphibians found

Computers and the Internet A cheap couple of steps to speed up a slow computer

Water News Are companies really doing enough to report on the operational risks posed by their water supplies?

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