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Brian Gongol

February 28, 2010

Weather and Disasters Damage from Chilean earthquake could be $30 billion

The United States of America Six essential books in conservative thought
One of the most frustrating things about self-identified conservatives like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck is that they behave like they don't really read. But conservative thought does possess a thoughtful intellectual tradition, and at least six books really are essential to understanding that lineage of thought.

Computers and the Internet Google plans to offer ultra-high-speed broadband access
They're initiating a plan under "Google Fiber" to offer 1 gigabit per second broadband Internet access throughout at least one community. They're looking for applicant communities of 50,000 to 500,000, though the service won't be free. Consumers will definitely benefit from an offering like this, but on first impression, this seems like another expensive project for Google that might not really be a good return on their investment. Related: An in-depth look at the reasons why most Americans don't have very-high-speed broadband access yet.

Humor and Good News Campaign 2010: Elect Ron

Aviation News Shutting down NASA's Moon mission is going to cost billions of dollars
Contractors working on the rockets and other components of the mission to return to the Moon may still make money even though the President wants to quit the plan

Computers and the Internet Microsoft wants regulators to look more carefully at Google
The EU is now looking at Google because of antitrust concerns

Humor and Good News Conan O'Brien arrives on Twitter
The comedian needed to establish his own footprint online -- so it's a good thing he's finally done so. It will serve him well to have an Internet presence where he can remain in people's minds even while he's off television.

Socialism Doesn't Work Chinese government censorship of the Internet -- viewed from within a government institution

Humor and Good News How LG appeals to the inner 80s child

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