Gongol.com Archives: August 2010
Brian Gongol

August 25, 2010

Broadcasting Charlie Rose and the business of producing an interview show
His drawl can sound a little foreign to northerners, but Rose is one of the best interviewers actively working today

Science and Technology Why schools should think more broadly about the historical record
One school administrator says "If I see another school trying to boost black achievement by talking about black pop and sports stars, I am going to do someone a serious injury". And when education gets hung up on the same handful of revered historical figures (like George Washington), rather than making note of lesser-known types who still affected the world in which we live today (like George Washington Carver), that education risks making kids think that only the flashiest contributions matter. In fact, the world has been built by the steady contributions of improvements by many.

Business and Finance The Federal debt is equal to $1,800 for every second that has passed since the US declared independence in 1776
Now that's a scary thought

Humor and Good News Fantastic catches from Japanese baseball
The ability to scale a wall appears to improve one's outfield play

News 33 miners found trapped deep underground in Chile

Humor and Good News The Onion tackles the immigration question

Water News FEMA to Lake Delhi: No cash for you

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