Gongol.com Archives: October 2010
Brian Gongol

October 23, 2010

Aviation News World's first passenger spaceport opens
It's in New Mexico, and the first runway has opened. Commercial passenger space travel is just around the corner. And in related aviation technology news, an Australian company is planning to develop heavy-lifting balloons to carry freight. It could be a remarkably useful tool for getting relief supplies quickly and cheaply to places hit by disasters.

The United States of America The standard American accent today was probably the one used by the British in 1776
In other words, "General American" is the original version of English; British accents today are the ones that have evolved away from the original

Computers and the Internet China's government is going into competition with Google Earth

Humor and Good News Haven't we called Barbara Boxer "Senator" long enough?
(Video) Hilarious political satire based upon a real moment of self-absorption by a California Senator

Computers and the Internet The evolution of media continues
Prominent journalists who established themselves in "legacy" media like newspapers are migrating to the Internet without fear of losing their credibility or their followings. That's because the medium itself is less important than the quality and content of what a person has to say.