Gongol.com Archives: December 2010
Brian Gongol

December 28, 2010

The United States of America Yes, yes, yes: The case for a much larger House of Representatives
Jeff Jacoby makes a compelling argument in favor of a favorite pet proposal: To expand the US House of Representatives by something like a factor of ten. It needs to be done, in the interest of fairness and proportional representation, and in the interest of more responsive government. It simply must be done, yet few people seem to have the imagination or the political courage to call for it.

Science and Technology How an exoskeleton helps paraplegics to walk again
One has to be astonished to see a tool like this, which allows paraplegics to leave their wheelchairs and walk (and even climb stairs) with the aid of crutches. It's really quite mind-blowing, and yet it's only an infant technology now in the trial stages. One can only imagine how rudimentary it will look 25 years from now. Despite anything that is said about this being a civilization in decline, the evidence simply has it that we are in fact getting better all the time. We may stumble and may take some steps backward from time to time, but humans are getting smarter all the time, and as we get smarter, we can solve more of the problems that previously bound us.

Computers and the Internet Free fonts from Font Squirrel

Water News How threatening is chromium in the water?

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