Gongol.com Archives: February 2011
Brian Gongol

February 10, 2011

Socialism Doesn't Work Smoking gun in what sure looks like the theft of tax money from Iowa by filmmakers
Iowa had a naive program established to try to encourage filmmakers to do work in the state. Like virtually every economic-development incentive out there, it cost a ton of taxpayer money and didn't really create new economic activity. It just shuffled money from the taxpayers' pile to the beneficiaries' pile. And when people use language like "make it look pretty" to describe their accounting, then it's pretty obvious that someone took the operation to be one that was run by rubes.

Humor and Good News 4-year-old crosses a snowy field to get help for mother and brother after car crash
That's a kid with some serious survival instincts

Humor and Good News What's really in your Gmail inbox
It would be vastly more hilarious if it weren't so completely true

News Metrodome to get a new $18 million roof
Can it get finished in time for the football season in August? Maybe not. Will the Vikings even bother to stay around for long? Maybe not. Will insurance cover it? They hope so.

Health Strokes among the young remain uncommon, but they're dramatically on the rise
Blame lousy diets and sedentary lifestyles

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