Gongol.com Archives: February 2011
Brian Gongol

February 11, 2011

Iowa Worst population declines in Iowa happened in the western third of the state
Iowa needs a long-term strategy to ensure the health of its many small communities, centered on a thoughtful assessment of strategic growth in hub communities spaced reasonable distances apart.

Computers and the Internet Microsoft and Nokia hope to claw back into smartphones
They've both been losing ground to Apple's iPhone and all of the Android-based phones on the market. It wasn't long ago that Nokia was firmly on top of the phone market. Now it's in dramatic decline. That's why nobody should trust any technology giant to stay on top of the world for long -- Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or anybody else. All success in a fast-changing technology market is fleeting. Just as AOL, MySpace, and Amiga. And the harder the companies involved try to satisfy consumer demands for new and better things, the worse it's going to be for any company that tries to stay in.

Business and Finance Americans may be turning to debt again
After a multi-year stretch of paying down debt and incrasing savings rates, there are signals that Americans are borrowing money more enthusiastically again. That's an enthusiasm we could do without.

Computers and the Internet Facebook's market valuation is now completely insane
There is no earthly reason for valuing the company at $60 billion

Business and Finance A good business -- spending 75 years doing as close to nothing as possible
Long-term thinking can lead to reliably strong results

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