Gongol.com Archives: August 2011
Brian Gongol

August 9, 2011

Threats and Hazards UK riots incident map
The absolutely shameful behavior on display is revolting. London police numbers are being quintupled from their normal levels just to deal with the problem. One of the things the West must do over time is decide to show a little more self-discipline (without the insistence and heavy hand of government forcing it) in all regards, unless we want the antiseptic and authoritarian vision of progress imposed by China's Communist Party to rule the globe.

Computers and the Internet Apple has the world's largest market capitalization
Some will read into this more than they should: It simply means that shareholders have valued the company more highly than any other, but valuations are often irrational

Weather and Disasters The floods in Pakistan: One year later
Some really heartbreaking scenes. It wasn't that long ago, but it's long-forgotten most everywhere else. Yet the pain appears to remain quite fresh for many, and their suffering is both a humanitarian issue and one with global strategic consequences.

Weather and Disasters An earthquake in South Dakota. Really.
That's why earthquake insurance in the Midwest isn't such a bad idea

The United States of America World War II on the homefront -- in color
It's too easy to see black-and-white films of the era and forget that the world occurred in color and HD, even if it wasn't usually recorded that way

Humor and Good News Why Americans could learn to love Japanese baseball
(Video) A spectacular catch caught on video

Computers and the Internet Who wants an emotional robot?
Robotics will in many ways be the tools of a future in which a robust labor supply is no longer available (especially as Baby Boomers retire) and in which energy can be produced at low cost. The more energy we have, the more stuff we can produce to solve our problems. But we may actually need robots that show what looks like emotion in order to have them fulfill some of our human needs for which there are not enough capable humans to do the work at an affordable cost.

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