Gongol.com Archives: August 2011
Brian Gongol

August 31, 2011

Business and Finance Government steps in to block T-Mobile merger with AT&T
AT&T is holding out 5,000 jobs in call centers as a carrot, but the real question is whether the merger would hurt consumers. The public shouldn't be unreasonably forced to subsidize those 5,000 jobs.

Science and Technology The trouble with academic journals
They're using their monopoly power to exact huge profits -- at the expense of spreading knowledge. This is undoubtedly a deadweight on social benefit.

Health Why the Japanese live longer than everyone else
Nutrition, hydration, public health measures, and a commitment on the part of many to getting good preventative care

Computers and the Internet No more encryption software in Pakistan
It's being prohibited by a government that doesn't realize that encrpytion software can be used for good as well as evil. One software developer says it exactly right: "This is like banning cars because suicide bombers use them".

Iowa Dear Iowa CCI: Please stop being jerks. Love, everybody else in Iowa.
Now it seems nearly everyone agrees that the activist group is past the point of being a useful contributor to public debate and is now nothing more than a shouting club

The United States of America Jokes are supposed to be funny
Yukking it up over hurricanes and using those guffaws to score political points is tasteless