Gongol.com Archives: December 2011
Brian Gongol

December 22, 2011

Iowa The first part of "civilization" is "civil"
The clowns who keep going around making noise and protesting at political events all over Iowa (and the country) in the name of the "occupy" movement really need to sit down and shut up. Literally. There's a place for civil discussion of issues, including (maybe even especially so) those upon which we disagree. Barging into places and screaming like a bunch of feral cats is a far thing from reasonable protest.

Threats and Hazards Man gets seven years in prison for industrial espionage
Good. The rise of industrial espionage against America is enormous and it's a huge threat to our economy. We need to show that we're serious about putting a stop to it.

Health 30,000 French women ordered to remove faulty breast implants
It sounds like the setup to a joke, but it's a very serious story -- their implants were improperly filled with the wrong grade of silicone. What's interesting is the order to remove them, which undoubtedly will put some of their lives at risk (since surgery is never a riskless thing).

Computers and the Internet Why people add and remove friends on Facebook

Science and Technology Scientific journal asked to not publish study on super-virulent bird flu

Business and Finance Crooked movie-makers ordered to pay restitution to Iowa for film subsidies

Computers and the Internet Where Verizon has or plans to launch 4G service
Also: What phones can actually use the service

Business and Finance New local owners to buy out Chicago Sun-Times

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