Gongol.com Archives: October 2012
Brian Gongol

October 14, 2012

Business and Finance IMF communique warns the US and EU to get their debts under control

Humor and Good News About that new iPhone...
(Video) "Saturday Night Live" skewers the seriousness of people's complaints about their new smartphones. On a related note, an Inc. columnist thinks entrepreneurs have it easy, at least compared with their predecessors of a century ago.

Iowa What gets measured gets done
Schools in Iowa are reporting cases of bullying to the state, and some are (wisely) analyzing the data on their own to look for ways to combat it. In general, a good idea. But they do need to be cautious about making the reporting requirements so onerous that it's viewed as a burden, rather than as a useful too. They also need to be certain that they take great care with any data they use that involves or records the actions of children. We need to be vigilant about the Big Brother risks of big data collection.

Threats and Hazards There is a ton of gang-related violence in Chicago right now

Weather and Disasters A bad drought year also meant a low-tornado year
We're looking for any silver linings we can find, aren't we?

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